2020 Climate Forum: Summaries and Analysis


On September 19th and 20th, GU Politics, in partnership with MSNBC, hosted twelve declared presidential candidates for the 2020 Climate Forum. Each was given one hour to discuss their plans and field questions. Chris Hayes and Ali Velshi moderated the event. The Georgetown Progressive had the opportunity to attend each of these sessions and prepare summaries for each candidate. In addition, the GREEN Club (Georgetown Renewable Energy and Environmental Network) has provided their analysis for each. Use the links below to navigate to each candidate’s summary and analysis. Analyses prepared by GREEN do not reflect the editorial views of the Georgetown Progressive or Georgetown University College Democrats. 

Michael Bennet

Andrew Yang

Marianne Williamson

Bernie Sanders

John Delaney

Tim Ryan

Julian Castro

Cory Booker

Steve Bullock

Pete Buttigieg

Tom Steyer

Bill Weld