A Quick Update: GUCD Efforts in Virginia

Jennifer Carroll Foy at a round table discussion with voters from her home town. // Credit: Jennifer Carroll foy via Reuters.


“I had the chance to learn about what Virginians truly care about and how best to help them when canvassing for Jennifer Carroll Foy,” said Anusha Agarwal, a math and economics major in the College. As the November 7th election day approaches, Virginia Democrats are buckling down on the effort to flip the State House of Delegates. The Georgetown University College Democrats hope to help out by honing in on District 2, which comprises parts of Prince William and Stafford counties. With all 100 house seats up for election, this district is considered flippable considering Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump there by over 20 points. Democrat Jennifer Carroll Foy will face Republican Mike Makee for the seat in an attempt to overrule Republican control, which many Democrats attribute to gerrymandering, seeing as Virginia has voted blue in the past three presidential elections.


GUCD’s shift in focus to District 2 comes following productive canvassing efforts in Alexandria for Ralph Northam’s pivotal gubernatorial run. Carroll Foy hopes to expand Medicare to the entire state, protect public schools by increasing teachers’ salaries, and further the effort against climate change among other things. Director of canvassing Rebecca Hollister told The Progressive, “Canvassing is important because you get a face-to-face connection with a voter. When it comes time for them to vote, they will remember the candidate who sent volunteers to actually hear the concerns of constituents. We had a lot of first-time canvassers who began their shift pretty timidly, but quickly warmed up, convincing voters to come out to the polls and vote for our candidates.” Senator Tim Kaine joined Carroll Foy and student volunteers for her October 22nd canvassing launch, further stressing the national implications of Virginia’s 2017 elections. A strong turnout for these candidates will hopefully maintain Democratic control of the governorship and even earn control of the legislature.

Volunteers will also be canvassing for Democrat Kathy Tran in her race for District 42, another district that Clinton carried last November. Check out the GUCD Facebook page for events and some ways by which you can get involved!