About Us

The Georgetown Progressive is the associate publication of the Georgetown University College Democrats and is written exclusively by students at Georgetown University.

The Georgetown Progressive examines a range of issues, from health care to civil rights to foreign policy. Our goal is to provide a platform for liberal, progressive, and left-leaning students to project their views and to advance these causes through our writing.

All articles are the opinions of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or opinions of the editorial staff or the Georgetown University College Democrats.


Meet the Staff:

McKayla Wenner – Editor-in-Chief

McKayla is a junior in the College majoring in English and Government with a minor in Spanish. Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, she mourns the fact that no restaurant outside of the Midwest serves cheese curds. McKayla is passionate about women’s rights, education, and the environment.

Jordan Westendorf – Managing Editor

Jordan Westendorf is a first year student at Georgetown University studying Government and History. She is from Southern California, where she previously interned on Congresswoman Katie Porter’s 2018 campaign. She is passionate about women’s empowerment and only drinks coffee before 1 PM.

Martin Hiti – Associate Editor

Martin Hiti is a first year in the School of Foreign Service studying international politics. Hailing from Cleveland, OH and sustained by coffee, he has a passion for foreign policy and economic justice.

Sam Hoag – Associate Editor

Sam is a first year in the School of Foreign Service majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs. He inherited his political inclinations from his mom, and enjoys writing about the economy, climate change, and foreign policy.

Victoria Sahadi – Associate Editor

Victoria is a freshman in the College majoring in Government and Russian. Originally from New York City, she has always been interested in politics. She enjoys writing about climate change, gun control, and social issues.

Christopher Boose – Writer

Boose is a sophomore in the College majoring in Government and Economics. Growing up in the DC suburbs of Northern Virginia, he’s always felt close to politics, and he enjoys writing on foreign affairs and economic policy.

Jackson Foran – Writer

Jackson is a sophomore in the College majoring in Math and Philosophy. He doesn’t understand politics enough to write serious articles about it, so he writes satire instead.

Marissa Marshall – Writer

Marissa is a senior in the College majoring in Political Economy and minoring in Sociology and Math. She’s originally from Roswell, GA, and is passionate about increasing opportunities for upward mobility. She enjoys writing anything (but her thesis) related to that.