The State of the Union: Bipartisanship or Bullshit?

“This is good news people,” President Obama declared after demonstrating the success of The Affordable Care Act with a slew of statistics. This short statement was one of the many thinly veiled jabs at Republicans during last Tuesday’s State of… Continue Reading

What does Immigration Reform look like under a Republican Congress?

 Earlier this year, the terms “amnesty”, “comprehensive”, “executive action”, and “reform” filled the media as President Obama and the Democrats vocalized their plans for the undocumented population. Over the last few weeks, the roles have reversed. Since Obama’s decision to… Continue Reading

What Does It Mean to “Stand In Solidarity”?

Last week, Hoyas for Immigrant Rights (HFIR), along with other immigration advocacy groups in D.C., hosted a vigil for the unaccompanied child immigrants from Central America.  In their welcome speeches, Chris Wager and Jenna Clark, co-chairs of HFIR, articulated the… Continue Reading