Florida Primaries Could Help Dems

Recent developments in Florida’s Senate race have made it one of the most tightly contested midterm races, starting with the Republican primary. After prominent conservatives endorsed Governor Charlie Crist, he lost much of his support to former Florida State Speaker Marco Rubio. Crist accepted stimulus money for the state of Florida, which has prompted harsh criticism. The Rubio campaign has continuously used pictures of Crist with the president in an effort to display Crist’s liberal tendencies. However, Crist has the support of moderates throughout the state.

The two candidates have agreed to a debate on Fox News Sunday on March 28th. Rubio is clearly putting himself in the national spotlight as he made a speech on the opening day of the Conservative Political Action Conference, appearing with top Republican leaders including Mitt Romney and Dick Cheney. This push by Rubio should make this primary very interesting.

And if this primary wasn’t tough enough, the Senate election in November promises to be just as invigorating. Democratic Congressman Kendrick Meek is the frontrunner on the liberal ticket. Meek is making himself known to Florida voters across the board. Last week, he sponsored Mike Wallace at the Daytona 500 and got an ad placed on his race car. Watch the developments in this race closely because this election season will speed by faster than a car at Daytona.

–Alykhan Merali SFS ’13