Letter Back Home: Ohio

Gov. John Kasich at the first Republican presidential debate in Cleveland, OH. // Credit: Business Insider

Dear Governor Kasich,


As a constituent who votes blue, I cannot say that I agree with your positions or policies often; however, I respected your 2016 presidential campaign in that you remained civil and did not spout the hate that we saw from other candidates, including our president. During the Republican primary, I admired the efforts of many Republicans and Democrats alike to swing Ohio in your favor in a final push to deny Trump the Republican nomination. Furthermore, I would like to thank you for not supporting Trump even though he became the presumptive Republican nominee after you dropped out of the race.


In September, Roy Moore, former Alabama Supreme Court judge twice removed from office for violating legal standards, was selected as the Republican candidate for the state’s open Senate seat, despite his history of utilizing homophobic, racist, and Islamophobic slurs. For instance, Moore has stated that homosexuality should be illegal and that Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota should not be allowed to serve in the House, simply because he is Muslim. Thus, I commend your reaction to Moore’s problematic nomination in your CNN interview with Jake Tapper where you stated, “if the [Republican] party can’t be fixed, then I’m not going to be able to support the party. Period.” You went on to say that the GOP cannot continue as a pro-national debt, anti-immigration, and anti-trade presence in politics. With various forms of hatred spewing directly from the mouths of the leaders of the ruling party, I revere your courage in speaking out against fellow party members.


Our nation’s two principal parties are often firmly divided, especially as Trump’s inflammatory remarks never seem to end. At a time when our Congress is split over issues as ludicrous as Trump’s wall on the Mexican border, I can at least sleep soundly knowing that you do not fear collaborating with those of your opposing party. Your collaboration with Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado on a bipartisan health care plan and refusal to support the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act are admirable.


While I cannot say that I would vote for you on the rumored bipartisan ticket with Hickenlooper as your running mate (I cannot ignore your stances on abortion access, education, union rights, etc.), it warms my heart that such a bipartisan alliance is possible, especially after this divisive electoral year. If a Republican presidency were inevitable, I would choose you over Trump in a heartbeat.



Kent Adams, fellow Buckeye

Kent Adams