Progressive Weekly Readings: April 9th

In Weekly Readings, the Progressive staff shares a list of interesting and unique pieces that we’ve read in the last week. This week, we’ve selected articles examining radical feminist perspectives, Trump’s potential impact on climate change, the consequences of Republicans taking the “nuclear option,” and more. 

A feminist makes the case against feminism,” an interview of Jessa Crispin by Sean Illing for Vox: Vox’s Sean Illing interviews author Jessa Crispin about her new book, “Why I am not a feminist.” Crispin argues that modern feminism has lost its edge, exchanging radical progressive goals for a message of universality, which she claims undercuts feminism’s core message. To Crispin, capitalism and feminism are inherently incompatible, as patriarchy and capitalist systems reinforce each other. This conversation between Illing and Crispin is excellent for clarifying and elaborating Crispin’s position. It’s a critical read for understanding some of the far left progressive voices that are increasingly establishing themselves in modern American political and social discourse. Selected by Harrison Hurt.

“How Trump Can Influence Climate Change” by Jasmine Lee and Adam Pearce in The New York Times. This short interactive graphic walks readers through the steps that need to be taken for the United States to fulfill our emissions-reduction promise set by the Paris Agreement. It also demonstrates the significant impact that the Trump administration could have on preventing America from reaching that goal. At a recent climate change summit held here at Georgetown, ambassadors from Denmark, Barbados, and Germany underscored the central role that the United States played in brokering the Paris Agreement. However, they also emphasized the need for America to continue leading the way in making the terms of the Agreement a reality, highlighting the United States’ potential to cause the international deal to fall apart if America fails to uphold its end of the bargain. Selected by Ali Kurland.

Why Republicans May Regret the Nuclear Option” by Bill Scher in Politico. This piece explains the rationale behind deployment of the nuclear option, both by Republicans in 2017 and Democrats in 2013. It also notes potential pitfalls that the action will have for the future of the Supreme Court and wider legislation. Selected by Christopher Stein.

“GOP lawmaker: The Bible says ‘if a man will not work, he shall not eat’” by Caitlin Dewey in the Washington Post. This article goes over the SNAP (food stamps) program and the odd involvement of religion in a country with supposed “separation of Church and State.” Selected by Jack Ryan. 

Pick Your Favorite Ethics Offender in Trumpland” from the Editorial Board of The New York Times. This interesting article exposes the full extent of the abuse of power that has been occurring in the Trump administration. It shows that Trump has created an environment in which many of his family members, friends, and aides have exploited their connections and positions to gain personally at the expense of the rest of the country. Selected by David Seo.

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