Statement Regarding Sightings of White Nationalist Propaganda

We, the staff of The Georgetown Progressive, condemn the recent white nationalist propaganda posted at several sites on and near Georgetown’s campus, under the auspices of the group known as “Identity Evropa.” It has yet to be discovered whether the perpetrators of this act were fellow Georgetown students or outside actors. In any case, we feel that it is important at this time to reflect on the values that are at stake in the current political and social climate. What is being challenged is no less than our commitment to a free and inclusive environment, one that cherishes the diversity that enriches our campus and this country. The alternative model is one that not only seeks to divide us but to entrench racial hierarchy through systemic oppression. We call on all members of the Georgetown community to recognize the bonds we share not only as fellow scholars but human beings and to reject attempts to cloud our common humanity behind the veil of identity politics. We at The Progressive will enhance our commitment to voicing the inclusive, liberal values of Georgetown students and serving as a beacon for progressive change in our community.

Georgetown Progressive