Syria: Obama's Greatest Foreign Policy Blunder

Syria will easily go down in history as one of President Obama’s greatest foreign policy blunders; history will judge Obama for his lack of leadership. While the blood of innocents is spilled, the United States and world turn a blind eye. Since when has the United States sat back and let a dictator kill his own people simply because Russia (arguably still led by Putin) and China disagreed with intervention? Not only do both nations have strategic interests in Syria, but both have a history of killing their own, including the Chinese government’s recent crackdowns in Tibet. For a country that claims to fight for the spread of democracy and human rights, we sure are hypocrites.

For over a year, Bashar Al-Assad has used his armed forces against his own people, most of whom are peacefully demonstrating. But for the sporadic diplomatic protests at the United Nations, nothing has been done to aid those being killed mercilessly. Is it because we have no economic interests in Syria as we did in Libya? Or is it because the torture and deaths of children thousands of miles away does not matter to us? Has human life become so worthless that the deaths of over 7,000 innocent people goes unnoticed? Surely, if these were 7,000 US citizens or even citizens of our allies, a full retaliation would be underway within weeks, if not days. So why do we stand idly and watch as artillery and tanks tear through residential neighborhoods? Estimates have put civilians deaths anywhere from 3,500 (according to the Syrian government) to 7,400 (Local Coordination Committees) with more violence occurring everyday. In addition, nearly 60,000-80,000 people are under indefinite detention.

One of the grossest human rights violations is occurring in front of our eyes, and we are choosing to pursue a diplomatic solution which in the past year has done absolutely nothing. NATO has the capability to cripple the Syrian Army’s ability to kill its own people in the same way that it did in Libya. More civilians have died in Syria than did in Libya prior to NATO intervention. As a country, we were more willing to invade Iraq than we are to save the lives of innocents in Syria. How shameful.

Umar Khan


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