A Letter from the Editor: Trumps and Tribulations

A few nights ago, I watched eleven people stand on a stage and argue about who should be the President of the United States. I watched Mike Huckabee advocate for zero taxes on American producers – a wealthy-favoring proposal that even… Continue Reading

What Do Polls Tell Us?

Many readers have already read polls that match Hillary Clinton up against other potential candidates, including both Republicans and Democrats. She trounces all of them. But despite what the polls say, a few candidates could still mount significant challenges to her in both the primary… Continue Reading

Rand Paul: Leading the Charge on Civil Rights?

Something crazy is happening to me. Despite my aversion to Rand Paul’s generally ultraconservative policy positions, I find myself agreeing with him. Since last summer, the 2016 presidential hopeful has been championing one of the most important civil rights issues of our generation: criminal… Continue Reading