Abbas Ruins Israel-Palestine Peace Negotiations

Most issues regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are two-sided, but the recent action of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to create a “unity” government with the terrorist group Hamas has buried any potential peace deal with Israel in the foreseeable future. Israeli… Continue Reading

A New Direction for Democratic Foreign Policy

There are certain fundamental ideals upon which the basic foundation of the Democratic Party is built. The notions of promoting equal opportunity and social justice, requiring the most successful and fortunate citizens to occasionally contribute more than others to ensure… Continue Reading

The Saudi-Israeli Relationship: Cause for Optimism or Worry?

Sun Tzu’s famous proverb “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” has become a well-worn cliché in discussions of international political interactions; however, no other phrase as accurately and succinctly describes what has become a predominant, and to an… Continue Reading