Fixing Higher Education: Looking at the Costs and Benefits of Erasing Student Debt

The ever-growing sum of national student loan debt (now at a mind-boggling total of approximately $1.2 trillion) is one of the greatest burdens currently confronting this country. Coinciding with major increases in college tuition and the decreased value of a… Continue Reading

National Security Strategy 2015: A Firm Yet Open Hand to the World

The release of the National Security Strategy earlier this month was long overdue and sorely needed. In the face of Russian encroachment, the advance of Chinese hackers, and the growing threat posed by ISIS, the country has thirsted for an… Continue Reading

The State of the Union: Bipartisanship or Bullshit?

“This is good news people,” President Obama declared after demonstrating the success of The Affordable Care Act with a slew of statistics. This short statement was one of the many thinly veiled jabs at Republicans during last Tuesday’s State of… Continue Reading