A Letter from the Editor: Trumps and Tribulations

A few nights ago, I watched eleven people stand on a stage and argue about who should be the President of the United States. I watched Mike Huckabee advocate for zero taxes on American producers – a wealthy-favoring proposal that even… Continue Reading

Rand Paul: Leading the Charge on Civil Rights?

Something crazy is happening to me. Despite my aversion to Rand Paul’s generally ultraconservative policy positions, I find myself agreeing with him. Since last summer, the 2016 presidential hopeful has been championing one of the most important civil rights issues of our generation: criminal… Continue Reading

Conservatives Convene the New Hampshire “Freedom Summit”

This past weekend, conservative activists and Republican presidential hopefuls converged on Manchester, New Hampshire for the first-ever “New Hampshire Freedom Summit.” Organized by Americans for Prosperity, a non-profit backed by the Koch brothers, and Citizens United, a group best known… Continue Reading