Texas Federal Judge Blocks Executive Order on Immigration: A Setback for American Immigrants

All necessary naturalization forms have been posted through the Department of Homeland Security. Tens of thousands of illegal residents in the United States wait eagerly to apply. And a federal judge in Texas, just hours before the President’s executive order… Continue Reading

Immigrants Need Legislation, Not Litigation

John Boehner has once again decided to attack President Obama’s alleged executive overreach in the most American of ways: with a lawsuit. To protest his November 2014 executive action that addressed immigration, 26 states have joined a Texas-led lawsuit against the… Continue Reading

Underrepresentation Undermines Immigration Reform

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), adopted on June 15, 2012, provides temporary relief from deportation to undocumented youth and renewable work authorization to eligible applicants. Most agree that the program has been a tremendous success. Others assert, however, that because… Continue Reading