Unite behind Hillary or Say Hello to President Trump

Most people assume I support Bernie Sanders because I am a college student; they are incorrect. Sanders has made flashy, impractical promises of free tuition, single-payer health care, and dismantling Wall Street’s power structure. Frustrated white voters flock to him, nostalgic of a time when industry and unions were booming. Nevertheless, it’s practically impossible for him to win at this point, as it would take an unprecedented flip in delegates and Superdelegates. The delegate math clearly indicates Hillary will be the nominee. Some make the argument that Superdelegates should flip to Bernie if he won their statewide popular vote, but most usually support the candidate who wins the national popular vote, which would be Hillary in this case. Furthermore, Superdelegates are prominent party figures who are unlikely to vote for Bernie because he’s not an established party member, and he tends to give off the impression that he thinks he is above the rest of Congress. He also only became a member of the Democratic Party this year so that he could have the chance to be a major presidential candidate. Many members of the House and Senate have also noted he is not easy to work with, not to mention his lack of foreign policy interest or experience.

So then why do many Bernie supporters refuse to let go? Bernie wanted a political revolution, but he failed to stir enough of a revolution to win enough votes. He lost, and not because the mainstream media ‘stole’ it from him or because Hillary is ‘corrupt’, but because he did not receive enough votes and therefore delegates. Yet for some reason there are thousands of Bernie supporters who still refuse to accept Hillary as the nominee.  It would still be awful if John McCain or Mitt Romney were the presumptive GOP nominee, but it’s now downright atrocious because our country faces the possibility of electing the most fear-mongering, bigoted, racist demagogue it has seen in recent times. Any hope of Bernie’s ‘political revolution’ dies when Donald Trump stands on Capitol Hill on January 20, 2017. Bernie has claimed he wants to stop Trump, but there is only one way to do so. If we agree we need to stop Trump, we need to unite behind a single candidate.

Why unite behind Hillary? It’s simple: she’s winning the primary, and she is incredibly experienced. She’s winning by more than Obama was ahead of her in 2008. She is under no obligation to drop out and hand the nomination to the man who is losing. It’s ridiculous that people even suggest it. Some also cite polls that predict Bernie would perform better against Trump, but Bernie can help Hillary perform better by actively supporting her and convincing his supporters to do the same. He has the power to unify the party, but it is selfish that he refuses to use it. Nonetheless, Bernie has done an incredible job at pulling Hillary further left, and for that I would like to thank him.

We have a candidate who advocates for women’s health. A candidate who will help the poor and middle class instead of the rich. A candidate who will continue to make healthcare affordable and available. A candidate who will help students afford to go to college. A candidate who actually has serious, implementable plans for U.S. foreign policy. A candidate with comprehensive immigration reform. Now all we have to do is elect her. Using the hashtag #NeverHillary is a vote for a President Trump. It is time for the Democratic Party and other sensible people of this nation to band together and stand behind Hillary.

Hillary has been tried and tested. She has withstood intense attacks from the GOP, which is something to which Bernie Sanders cannot attest. If we stand together behind Hillary, the rightful winner of the Democratic nomination, we can defeat Trump.